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Foundational Concepts

Use your higher consciousness to guide your human brain.
Tools for gaining clarity, focus, and freedom from the inner noise.

Expanding Emotional Intelligence

Build on your natural superpower!
Exploring emotions as guides and gateways to deepen connections and fuel dreams.

Loving Boundaries & Self-Expression ™

Your time and energy are limited resources.
“Nice” is not an effective life strategy.

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Loving Weight Loss ™

Not a diet. Reclaim your relationship with food.
What you do from love, you can do for life.

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Hi, I’m Sherry Danner, a former therapist and the author of “Nurturing the Light Inside.”

I’ve created a space for women like me who are learning to trust our inner knowing. We’re a community of smart, capable women who’ve gained a lot of wisdom along the way and now we’re focused on:

• expanding our emotional and relational capacities
• loving ourselves and others more deeply
• reaching for what we want most without apology
• contributing our unique gifts to the world
• laughing together at our humanness 🙂

We’d love to learn with you (and from you) so please consider joining us!!

Questions? I love questions! Please send them to me here: info@sherryd2.sg-host.com

Inside the membership, you’ll have access to opportunities designed to support your personal transformation:

  • classes to watch privately
  • groups for sharing and interaction
  • worksheets and exercises to explore topics at the deepest level
  • coaching from an experienced coach who’s committed to YOU
  • connection to a community of creative, spiritual women like you!

The Nurtured Light Membership is YOURS. It will grow and change with your feedback and ideas. Imagine what a group of creative, spiritual women can create together!

I’m already dreaming of retreats… anyone with me??

Here’s Who I Am…

I’m Sherry.

I used to be an “emotion escape artist,” specializing in avoiding my own feelings and trying to control things outside of myself—primarily what others think, feel, say, and do.

For many years, I turned to alcohol, food, and relationship drama to distract me from a painful inner world. Many of us do. I wrote about this in my book, “Nurturing the Light Inside: Overcoming Addiction and Codependency on the Path to Self-Love.” Now I teach the tools and practices that helped me transform my own life.

I’m a former Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT) and a former Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) trained by the Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP.) I was a therapist in private practice in the Kansas City area for about 10 years. I’m a Board Certified Coach and am certified through the Life Coach School.

I hold a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles.

I also hold my dog when he lets me.

Our stories matter – especially the messy ones.

The stories we wish had never happened, the ones we hide or stuff down so far that we almost forget them, may be the ones that matter most of all.

They matter because within them we’ve tucked away our deepest shame.


How do I know if this membership is a good fit for me?

This is a good fit for women who are functioning well but want to expand their emotional/spiritual growth within a community of women who are doing the same.

For women who live alone (or feel as if they do), a membership can be an especially valuable resource in these days of increased isolation. For about the cost of one private session, members have access to tons of content and interactions designed to optimize mental health and combat the effects of loneliness and compassion fatigue.

Our groups offer support for sure but are not traditional "support groups" which are designed for sharing and processing trauma. Our groups are a good fit for those ready to hear and share helpful ways of thinking, feeling, and making choices from a place of empowerment and forward movement.

This membership is NOT a good fit for those in need of clinical treatment for a diagnosed mental illness or disorder, those experiencing acute trauma or grief, those in active domestic abuse situations, or anyone needing intensive one-on-one support from a mental health professional or medical intervention. If in doubt, or if any of these situations apply, please seek therapy and/or medical attention first.

I'm a former therapist and now a coach. I don’t provide therapy. I released my clinical license very intentionally because the coaching model is my preference for guiding personal transformations. Detailed Terms of Purchase for membership clarify the limits of these services (and provide pages of fascinating reading!)

Is this a safe space?

We are an INCLUSIVE bunch!  ALL are welcome. Inside this membership, we're aiming to live from our higher consciousness where our differences are met with respect and our (often hidden-from-us) intolerances are met with our own compassionate curiosity. 

I'm committed to the ongoing work of identifying my own blind spots. I look forward to learning from you and to hiring experts to improve messaging and create more safety. I have far to go when it comes to being a better ally, advocate, and voice for those who need me to be louder on their behalf. This membership is a good fit for those who feel this way, too. Let's do better together. 

What are the Refund and Cancellation Policies?

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of this online membership where valuable content is immediately accessible upon joining, no refunds are offered. Membership is a subscription purchase (like Netflix or a gym), which means that we don’t refund any payments already received.

Cancellation Policy: Cancel anytime with the click of a button. Return anytime, too! This membership is a subscription purchase (like Netflix or a gym), which means that you will not be refunded any payments already received. When you cancel, you’ll receive confirmation that you will not be charged again. You will have access to all content and activities in the membership and will receive weekly member update emails until the last day of your billing cycle. We aim to make canceling easy and will welcome you back with open arms if/when you’re ready to return!

The Terms of Purchase must be read and agreed to, prior to becoming a member.

How do I use this membership?

This membership is meant to be unlike anything you've experienced before. 

This is a space for you to visit when you need to remember that your wants and wishes matter. That your feelings matter. That your goals are important and achievable.

This is a place for you to go when you feel weary and depleted from focusing on the needs of others and worrying about the problems of the world. It’s here for you when you want to focus on something you can actually control.

It’s a community you can feel a part of even if you haven't met any members yet. Complete any worksheet or watch any video and feel that you’re part of a movement.

We are women who are learning how to identify and change the old beliefs that keep us small and stuck. We're looking for deeper, lasting solutions that align with our intuition as well as our intellect.  

There are classes included, but the membership is not a class. There are worksheets but there's no homework. There are no timelines. If you take a week or more off, it will all be here for you when you return. You cannot “get behind” because you always choose the pace.

This doesn’t have to take a lot of your time, but it is deep work. It's not fluff. It's designed to change your life not just entertain or distract. So there does need to be a desire for something to change and a willingness for that change to not be immediate.

Real and lasting changes take time, but our focus shifts, so the membership model allows you to drift in and out as needed. That doesn’t diminish the work. It can even enhance it.

Challenge yourself to release the perfectionism, to let go of the need to do it "right." Perhaps it's time to replace that old belief that if you can't do something perfectly then you won't do it at all. Maybe it’s an old belief that if you feel overwhelmed then you're only option is to avoid something altogether.

What new belief would you like to practice?

I'm learning how to…
I'm becoming a woman who…
I no longer have to...

Questions? I love questions! Contact me at info@nurturedlight.com

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