It’s Time to Remember What You Already Know

Joy Journaling

is a monthly membership designed for YOU as a woman over 50 to…

  • tap into your inner wisdom 
  • clarify your deepest desires 
  • challenge old stories and practice new chosen beliefs 
  • make decisions from your highest values 
  • remember what you have already overcome 
  • access your limitless capacities
  • deepen the connection with yourself and your Creator
  • develop true self-compassion
  • integrate your past, celebrate your present, open to your future
  • know, love, and trust yourself more

Joy Journaling offers weekly workshops including…

Community Journaling Workshops

A unique experience of “introverting together,” including a structured sharing component that is always optional. These sacred gatherings are held online and are not recorded to preserve a sense of emotional safety as we fully open to the present moment. The wisdom shared in this protected space can be truly breathtaking.

Biweekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10am CST.


Private Journaling Workshops

For those who prefer guided writing without the group experience. In these recorded workshops, I read prompts just to you. These are posted every other week in case you missed the community workshop, prefer to journal alone, or want to respond to the prompts again (your insights will be fresh each time!)

Recordings posted every other week.

Private Podcast

Your Joy Journaling membership also includes a Private Podcast with encouraging and thought-provoking reminders on topics such as…

  • Releasing Perfectionism
  • Decision Confidence
  • Leaving Comfort Zones
  • Remembering Your Resilience
  • Navigating Liminal Space
  • The Spiritual Language of Boundaries
  • Resentment Prevention
  • Expanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Letting Go with Love

Become a Member

$49 / month

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As a Joy Journaler you’ll get:

Time for yourself to sort through thoughts and feelings to gain clarity
The company of like-hearted women so you feel less alone

Validation for your experience… Ah, that makes sense! moments

Appreciation of your own wisdom – less looking outside of yourself for answers
A sense of being more centered, grounded, and focused

You’ll love Joy Journaling if…

  • You want to be part of a community of women of compassion, courage and depth
  • You appreciate the benefits of journaling but struggle to know what to write
  • You want to have a journaling practice but never seem to set aside the time
  • You long to see more women over 50 who are joyfully engaging in life

Joy Journaling may NOT be for you, if…

  • You strongly dislike any form of personal writing.
  • You’re looking for a support group to process past or recent trauma. Joy Journaling can be a wonderful supplement to therapy or support groups but is not meant to be a replacement for them.
  • If shared silence makes you extremely uncomfortable, this may not be the place for you.

By the Way…

This is not school.
There is no homework.
You can’t get behind.
We are busy people. Journal when you can.

Each journal workshop is a stand-alone experience. There’s no pressure to attend or complete each one. Journaling here even once a month (or every other month) can still deliver the powerful mental health benefits of journaling and provide you with a feeling of belonging to a community. This is how we nurture our own light so we can shine it brightly in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never been a journaler?

Welcome! Any level of experience fits here. These workshops are different than traditional journaling. You won’t be sitting alone with a blank page wondering what to write. All you have to do is listen to questions and see what comes to you naturally. It’s much easier this way!

Why journal in a workshop?

  • Because sitting in front of a blank page can be hard.
  • Because answering a question is different than reading a prompt.
  • Because you know journaling is good for you but you may not do it regularly.
  • Because studies show that HOW we journal matters to our mental health.
  • Because this is not just journaling, this is journaling with a purpose.

Do I have to be a good writer?

Absolutely not. This work is about self-exploration, not writing skills.

Are workshops recorded?

The Private Journaling Workshop recordings are posted biweekly. Community Journaling Workshops are not recorded.

Are journaling prompts posted?


Become a Member

$49 / month

(cancel anytime)

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