Loving Boundaries & Self-Expression ™

Do you want to set boundaries but you’re afraid of being harsh or hurtful?

Are you ready to stop people pleasing but compassion is extremely important to you?

What if you could learn to set boundaries in a loving way that feels more like you?

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I’m Sherry Danner, a former therapist and the former seriously boundary-challenged author of Nurturing the Light Inside, my memoir about overcoming shame and learning to use my voice. I learned how to love what boundaries bring to my life and now I teach other women like me how to love them, too.

I created Loving Boundaries & Self-Expression ™, a self-paced guide to knowing, loving, and expressing your authentic self. It is one of my signature classes inside the Nurtured Light Membership.

This on-going class includes new content each week and one-on-one private coaching. You’ll receive skills-based tools and direct support on how to…

  • Start loving boundaries instead of fearing or avoiding them
  • Set boundaries based on your personal values (not just your feelings!)
  • Use the most effective communication style (and avoid the others!)
  • Say no without guilt, say yes without resentment
  • Practice responding to triggering situations instead of reacting
  • Assess risks before setting boundaries
  • Use the 4-Step Boundary Setting process and deliver difficult messages with clarity and kindness
loving boundaries

Sherry speaks to you like she’s in the room with you! The Nurtured Light Membership is well worth the price. In fact, there’s so much there, even if you did only a portion of it, you would benefit from her sage wisdom. It is self-paced, so one day I may want to spend 3 hours on it, and another day 5 minutes. There is no pressure, no judgment.

~ Deanne S.

And you’ll also learn how to…

  • Manage your brain when it bombards you with fear-based messages
  • Identify OLD beliefs that keep you repeating OLD patterns…and replace them with NEW beliefs that define who you’re becoming
  • Make decisions and have your own back
  • Break the self-neglect habit
  • Practice speaking assertively: clear, kind, direct, and honest
  • Process uncomfortable emotions on purpose and stop running from them
  • Stop hiding yourself and create authentic, satisfying connections

“When we draw lines and express opinions and also expect those lines and opinions to be respected, others see us as complete beings rather than seeing us only in the roles we fulfill for them.”

Sherry Danner
Nurturing the Light Inside

I am enjoying and learning from your videos! If we follow your plan, success is achieved in one’s heart and soul whether the other person gets it or not! Magnificent!!

~ Carol S.

When you make decisions based on what you think will be pleasing to others, it leaves you exhausted, lonely, and riddled with self-doubt. You miss out on knowing who you truly are…and so does everyone else.

How do you stop people pleasing?

First you decide to stop. Then you get to work learning a new way of being. I did it and now I teach other women like me how to do it, too. Yes, it’s scary, but it’s worth it to learn how to be seen, known, heard, and valued…by YOU. Others will follow your lead.

Wow. You really know your stuff. You are such a good boundaries coach! Thank you for your guidance. You are helping me grow!

~ Ginger R.

loving boundaries

What boundaries ARE

  • Boundaries are clear expressions of our own truth.
  • Boundaries are planned actions driven by our personal values.
  • Boundaries are markers of emotional maturity and responsibility.
  • Boundaries are necessary for authentic connections.
  • Boundaries are essential for us to know who we are and to be known by others.

What boundaries ARE NOT

  • Boundaries are not walls that isolate us from others.
  • Boundaries are not threats yelled when we’re at the end of our rope.
  • Boundaries are not loud, angry demands for respect.
  • Boundaries are not rigid, static lines of disconnection.
  • Boundaries are not harsh, cold, or selfish.

Loving Boundaries & Self-Expression ™ is a class inside the Nurtured Light Membership, where members receive weekly straight-to-the-point videos on topics such as…

  • 4-Step Boundary Setting
  • Love is limitless; Time and Energy are Not
  • Risk Assessment in Boundary Setting
  • Responding vs Reacting
  • Disappointing Others Well
  • Become a Resentment Prevention Specialist
  • Communication Styles: How to Speak Assertively
  • How to Control Others (Ha!)

And hundreds more… plus worksheets, live Q&A, and one-on-one coaching.

Included with membership, you also get Sherry’s signature class Loving Weight Loss ™. Check it out here!

loving boundaries

Watched a video twice and it was new both times! How do you do that?? I felt a little—or maybe not so little—shift inside. Tears. Love your analogies…so perfect and easy to grasp. I so appreciate the constant reminders to be gentle with myself, and the encouragement to appreciate our humanity, to cherish and value some of our vulnerabilities. It’s so important not to become hard, closed, rigid and afraid.

Thanks for walking us through the thorny rose garden that is uniquely the female experience. I’m learning how to stop making lists of ways I’m not doing it right and shift into self-love.

~ Cindy H.

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