Loving Weight Loss ™

Diets failed us.

Diets taught us how to ignore our feelings and withhold food from ourselves.

We traumatized our brains and bodies with harsh restrictions.

We white knuckled our way down the scale, then gorged our way back up in shame, convinced we were weak and out of control.

We dieted to feel beautiful, acceptable, and valuable.

We believed the LIE that we could only be worthy if we were thin.

We didn’t fail. Diets failed us.

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I will NOT put myself through that torture again! But what if I still want to lose weight…for my own reasons? There has to be a better way. 

There is.

What if you could lose weight from love instead of shame?

What if you could heal your diet trauma and reclaim your relationship with food?

I found a way.

I’m Sherry Danner, former trauma therapist and author of Nurturing the Light Inside. I lost over 100 pounds, but the real transformation was releasing myself from the damage of diet culture. Now I help other women do the same.

Drastically reducing what you eat to lose weight is a temporary, surface-level fix that only addresses the symptom of the problem. It misses the mark completely by ignoring the mental and emotional processes involved. It always backfires. We call this a diet.

loving weight loss

When it comes to weight loss programs, I’ve tried them all. Now I know the reason those programs didn’t bring the sustainable results I longed for – Sherry’s approach was the missing piece for me. Sherry’s teachings have offered me a new way of thinking that has led to me losing weight because I am finally getting to the root of my struggles.

Because of Sherry’s videos and coaching, I now exercise for mental health, not punishment for eating. I now eat food that nourishes my cells so that I can live the vibrant life I want to live. I now have tools to manage my thinking around my choices. Sherry is the teacher I needed to mentally shift into a whole new relationship with my body.

~ Ginger R.

My Before and After Story… with an Anti-Diet Culture Twist

Typical weight loss “Before and After” pics have us viewing a heavier woman as pathetic and hideous. She becomes worthy of our admiration only when she proves that she can fit into a bikini.

Yuck. And NO.

Here’s my anti-diet culture “Before and After”…

This is me at 13.

Before the first diet.

Before the constant assault of marketing designed to exploit the insecurities of young girls.

Before I was told that my curly hair was unacceptable and required a makeover.

Before I knew that the size of my thighs was more important than my intellect, creativity, or kindness.

This is me at 46.

After 30 years of dieting.

I was not lazy, or stupid, or irresponsible. I was not pathetic or sad.

I was a lovely, loving, professional woman with a full life.

Diets had failed me.

But my body and brain were exhausted from the struggle.

I hadn’t yet learned how to heal the damage of toxic diet culture.

This is me at 53.

Now I feel lit up from the inside!

Now I see the beauty in who I’ve become, not just how I need to improve.

Now I look like ME instead of trying to look like everybody else.

Now I appreciate my own mind, needs, feelings, and dreams.

Now I enjoy the sweet buzz of aliveness that my body delivers when I care for it in a way that’s forgiving and not strict.

Now I embrace my emotions instead of fearing or being ashamed of them.

Now I refuse to abandon myself no matter what.

Now I feel strong, capable, humble, open, grateful, and free.

Now I feel at home again in my own body—reconnected with that young girl who once played soccer.

Now I’m ready to see what else I can do!

Now… are you ready to see what YOU can do?

Loving Weight Loss ™

Not a diet.
Reclaim your relationship with food.
What you do from love, you can do for life.

Loving Weight Loss ™ is one of my signature classes inside the Nurtured Light Membership. I designed it specifically for smart women who are done with diets for good but still want to lose weight for their own reasons.

It starts with a basic structure, 4 Steps to Loving Weight Loss, that you can easily adapt to any personal dietary requirements (gluten-free? no dairy? vegan? No problem!)

You don’t need another person telling you exactly what to eat or when to eat it. You do not need me to tell you to do exactly what I did to lose 100 pounds. Why not?

Because you are not me.

You have your own preferences, lifestyle, and dietary needs. You are a wise and worthy woman who can learn to trust herself. I’m here to help you do that. I’m here to help you free yourself from old beliefs that keep you from loving and trusting yourself.

Included with membership, you also get Sherry’s signature class Loving Boundaries & Self Expression ™. Check it out here!

loving weight loss

Encouragement to plan AND permission to be human! You have such an amazing way of reaching into the core of things, making them simple and relatable, moving and funny all at once! What a gift!

~ Diane G.

The 4 Steps to Loving Weight Loss

This uncomplicated structure allows you the freedom and flexibility you need when it comes to food choices, and the tools and skills you need to manage your mind and process your emotions so you can sustain your weight loss long term.

What’s beautiful about these membership classes is that they reveal that you are not alone in your thinking, not alone in trying to work through things, not alone in feeling some of those yucky feelings we don’t like, and not alone at this stage in life in feeling like you should know this stuff by now but don’t… we are learning together, understanding how to “unlearn” some faulty thinking ingrained into us over the years.

~ Deanne S.

This is unbelievable!! Every time I say to myself will she go farther, tackle this issue completely, spell it out… and you do! It is such a blessing to all of us how you make your point with empathy, compassion, and truth! No one does this, this well. They usually leave an opening, and you close the door.

~ Carol S.

We can all vow to never, ever diet again.

But you can still lose weight if you want to. Not because losing weight will make you more beautiful, valuable, or lovable. You are ALL these things right this minute and it has nothing to do with your weight.

Let’s free ourselves from defining our worth by our waist size.
Let’s heal our collective scars from the tyranny of diet culture.
Let’s lose weight or not for reasons that we choose.

And let’s do it in a way that honors our spirits instead of diminishing us. 

Changing what we believe about our worth and what’s possible for our lives is an approach to weight loss that addresses the actual cause of the problem. It results in a lasting transformation, not a temporary weight loss that sends you right back to that old, familiar battlefield.

I’m into lasting transformations. Are you ready for yours?

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