Who I am and why I love journaling

Hi. I’m Sherry. 🙂

I’m a former trauma therapist and the author of Nurturing the Light Inside: Overcoming Addiction and Codependency on the Path to Self-Love.

I used to:

  • think everything that went wrong was my fault
  • sacrifice my well-being to please others
  • seek validation from people who kept letting me down
  • stay in relationships that drained me emotionally
  • try to think or act my way out of feeling
  • not really know who I was or what I wanted

But now I:

  • remember that I’m not responsible for everyone else
  • don’t abandon myself to please others
  • know how to validate myself
  • only invest in relationships that are reciprocal
  • make it my most important job to feel my own feelings
  • have endless fun discovering and sharing who I am and what I want!

And I LOVE journaling. Through all the years of pain and healing, my journal has been there—a loyal friend and powerful ally. I believe that writing just for me has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself.  

I’ve always loved journaling. Here’s me at 17. 

Journaling reliably and consistently helps me to:

  • make sense of the chaos in my head
  • see what I am really thinking and feeling
  • sort through and process complex emotions
  • privately acknowledge truths too hurtful to share 
  • become aware of the stories I’m telling myself 
  • dream about possibilities 
  • learn how to love myself 

Personal stuff about me that you might want to know:

On spirituality:

More spiritual than religious, I’m a fiercely inclusive, progressive Christian with no need to assert my beliefs on anyone. I respect and am curious about all belief systems that center around love and kindness. The God I believe in is all-loving, everywhere (inside and outside of us), and genderless. 

On addiction recovery:

I went to rehab in 2006 for alcohol abuse and then got sober through a non-traditional method of managing my addicted brain. I’m in awe of anyone who achieves sobriety and believe there are many paths to freedom – all are miraculous. 

My recovery from food addiction is ongoing. I lost 100 pounds about 8 years ago. I now practice feeling my emotions in a way that no one knew how to teach me when I was younger. Weight loss is NOT a path to worthiness and is not for everyone. I have complicated thoughts and feelings about the entire issue of body/weight as most women do. I place the blame for our collective pain squarely on the culture and have compassion for us all. For me, this long, painful, and ongoing journey has helped me discover who I am at the deepest level and for that I’m grateful. 

On my personal life and obsessions:

I’m cisgendered, heterosexual, and happily unpartnered for now. I was married briefly and divorced long ago. I never had kids of my own, but I’ve never let that stop me from mothering. 🙂 

I’m a self-help and psychological/spiritual wellness junkie. I enjoy living surrounded by piles of books, listening to podcasts of fascinating people sharing about personal breakthroughs, and attending endless trainings and workshops that interest me. 

While I’m no longer on a quest to fix myself, I’m joyfully obsessed with increasing my self-awareness, opening more channels to connection and joy, and finding ways to express that joy in the world. I bring everything I’m learning to the Joy Journaling workshops and podcast because I’m madly driven to support women in unapologetically loving themselves. 

I’m at the near-freak level in my love for dogs, which are spiritual animals to me. I lost my 12-year-old Lhasa-poo, Maslow, in 2022. My dog-broken heart recently opened again and I invited the sweetest 5-year-old Golden Retriever mix with a colorful past of her own to live with me. Sadie’s gentle nature helps me remember to be gentle with myself, too.

Other credentials that might interest you:

For many years I was a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist trained through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals.

Please note that I am NOT a currently licensed therapist. In 2019, I chose to not renew my clinical license and to retire from the therapy profession to pursue writing and coaching.

My degrees and certifications:

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